Dog days

Todaay’s offering is two wonderful posters by Patrick Tilley.  This one – from 1959 – I’ve never seem in colour before.

Patrick Tilley The Times Top People Dog

Although Ido seem to remember it in the relevant Modern Publicity.

This one is dated a year later and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before anywhere.

Patrick Tilley Top People Take The Times greek poster

So there you go, a Quad Royal first.  And can I also commend Patrick Tilley for putting dates on his poster; if every designer did that my life would be a great deal easier.

  • Have never seen these before, they are wonderful – Tilley is the missing link between Abram Games & Hans Unger.

  • Belated addition to this thread..also another in this series with an orchestra conductor, have the original acrylic + oil artwork. Also signed and dated ‘TILLEY 60’.

    If would like image uploaded let me know, otherwise can Google..

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