A football, a train and a pint of milk.

I’ve been sent a couple of nice things recently by readers. (Only via email though. No real bribery has yet been attempted but please do feel free, posters particularly welcome.)

Anna pointed out that there was another Lewitt-Him children’s book out there, which she knew of as her mother had kept it from her own childhood.  It’s The Football’s Revolt,

Cover shot of Lewitt Him Football's revolt children's book

and it looks to be as lovely as the others.

Lewitt Him Football's revolt illustration

There are a few more photos on the Flickr set if you like these.  This is certainly the only way I’ll be looking at it, as prices on Abebooks start at £67 and from there only go up.  It was published in 1944 under wartime restrictions, so I’m guessing there were never that many copies in the first place, hence the premium.

Patrick Tilley also got in touch after we featured some of his designs for AP.  He’ll be the subject of a post or three in due course, but in the meantime, a reminder of what lovely stuff he was producing.

Patrick Tilley drinka pinta milka day

The agency (Mather & Crowther..?) removed my name from the border.  Possibly because the slogan was theirs not mine.
They just asked for some coloured cut-out lettering and I obliged.

Amusingly, you can see the poster hard at work on a hoarding (centre, behind the blue Volkswagen van) in this still from The Ipcress File.

It's a still from a film, like I care

It’s the scene where Carswell is shot in his car, and if you want to know more (including Google Earth co-ordinates), it’s all here.

Paul Rennie, meanwhile has sent over the cover of a railway magazine.  Fortunately this is better than it sounds.

Southern Railway magazine cover

It’s not a poster, it’s quite early and  it’s by Victor Reinganum who was more of an illustrator than a poster designer, but it’s rather lovely so I’ve decided to show it anyway.  Reinganum did design one poster for London Underground too, in 1950

Victor Reinganum only LT poster bus excursions

so there you go.

Mr Rennie has also, very kindly, sent over a proof of his new poster book.  But as this is both very big and very comprehensive (as well as being packed with lovely posters) I may take a while to digest it.  But I will.  In the meantime, here are a few pretty pictures for your entertainment.

Lewitt Him post early with dog and trolley vintage GPO poster

Lewitt-Him, Post Early for GPO, 1941

Barnett Freedman, God Save Our Queen

God Save our Queen (original artwork), Barnett Freedman, 1953, 19 x 39″, Shell Mex & BP.

Boat Race from Rennie book

Boat Races, Anne Hickmott, 1959, panel poster, 10 x 12″, London Transport.

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