Great Northern Games

Today, a public information broadcast for those of you in the North of England.

Abram Games a train every 90 seconds vintage London Underground poster

No, not that the London Underground is more efficient than trams. Rather, Abram Games : Maximum Meaning, Minimum Means is opening at the Dean Clough Crossley Gallery in Huddersfield (actually the gallery is in Halifax I am told, sorry about that) on Saturday.

Abram Games BEA olympic poster 1948

This is a Design Museum touring exhibition, of posters, sketches, product designs and so on, and has to be well worth the price of admission, because it’s free. Rude not to if you ask me.

Abram Games knit socks vintage WW2 poster

A couple of caveats though.  One is not to look at the Dean Clough website if you want to find out about it, as there’s nothing there – I got the information about the exhibition from here instead.

And I also can’t promise you that any of these posters will be there; I’m afraid that I’ve just been pleasing myself and finding some less well known of his designs.  But do let me know what they are showing if you do go.

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