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Nice and simple today.  A high quality poster, in good condition, on sale on eBay.

Here it is, not occluded by the frame as it is in their picture.

Abram Games blood donor WW2 vintage poster

It’s a very high quality item* to come up on eBay, and so I’m guessing that the price will end up being rather more than its current £3.45 when it ends on Sunday.  Either that or someone’s about to get the bargain of the century.  Watch that space.

*People probably do hold back from buying on eBay, especially when something looks as good as this does, fearing that it will be a reprint or a fake.  It’s a fair point, especially considering how many modern prints. fridge magnets and postcards come up every time you search.  But eBay are getting stricter these days, and the dealers are getting wise to this.  So any reprint or new poster will, generally say so somewhere in the listing, even if the print is tiny.

With something like this, expressly described as ‘vintage’ and ‘original’ in the listing, if it didn’t turn out to be the real deal, and you’d paid by Paypal, I think your case for getting a refund would be pretty watertight.

Which isn’t to say that there aren’t scammers, and that it’s safe to buy anything which looks half-way plausible.  Just that if I had the slightest thought this was going to go for under £150, I’d have a go myself, because it smells right enough to me.  But it won’t.  Anyone for a sweepstake on final value here?

And also, for those on a tighter budget, a poster that I’ve never seen before, but rather like despite myself:

RAF noise poster from ebay

It’s an RAF poster, and I can’t find it anywhere else, other than on eBay here for just 99p as it stands today.  Something for every pocket, then.

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