You, the jury

A quick question today.  Which basically boils down to this: real or not?

LMS Bestway poster for auction in Lincolnshire

And there’s quite a lot riding on the answer, because this is up for auction at Brown & Co in Lincolnshire with an estimate of £100-150.  Which would be a bit of a bargain, for what might be a Cassandre which is in the collection of M0Ma in New York.

But is it the real deal?  I don’t know.  The colours are off, to start with.

Bestway Cassandre real deal

And the dimensions are too – the auction version is 43″ x 33″, instead of the 40″ x 50″ it probably should be.

Plus the description says that it’s “doublesided” (although how they can tell when it is also framed, I am not sure).

So, I’m unsure enough not to have a go, and to throw it open to you lot to see what you think.  Any thoughts, or tips, or opinions out there?

Mind you, even if it is a cropped reproduction, it’s probably still worth more than the estimate.  Chisholm Larsson are selling this.

Bestway Cassandre Reprint from Chisholm Larsson

It’s a 1980s reprint, but they want $750 for it anyway.  It’s a mad world, Mr Benjamin.

  • Call the “friendly” Auctioneer from whence it came and how they know it’s double sided blah blah?
    I had a similar dilemma last week with a pair of identical rail posters being auctioned up in the wilds of Scotland. They looked bargaintastic from the pic but the guide price was just a bit too high for me to bid without a bit more info than “Scottish Railway posters,” so I called them for more detail.
    The honesty was quite refreshing , the auctioneer went to the lots and described them in major detail to me over the phone and answered my queries so well I didn’t bid haha (sections missing, sellotape marks, in poor condition blah blah) it was well worth the call
    Or you could always go on gut instinct……

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