Pheasants and Leaves

This post is mostly by way of a thankyou to Shelf Appeal, who pointed us at an eBay listing earlier in the week.  And so we won this, which I am very pleased about indeed.

James FItton turn over a new leaf vintage WW2 poster

It’s by James Fitton and is a lovely bright copy of one of my favourite ever posters.  So much one of my favourite posters that we now have two copies, but this is not only the much better one but was also considerably more of a bargain.  It’s going to be lovingly restored and will be up on the wall shortly.

Elsewhere on eBay I would like to refer you to this.

Pheasant Margarine poster from eBay

I’m not too impressed with the poster as a thing, but as an idea, it’s fantastic.  Is the margarine made by pheasants, for pheasants or from pheasants?  Or is it simply for spreading on pheasants?  I think we need to know.

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