Sealion is believing

Truly, everything imaginable is on eBay.  And also a few things that I really had not ever got round to imagining at all.

truly this is an unnecessary thing

I am afraid that your eyes are not deceiving you and that really is a ‘collectable’ china reproduction of a poster by Tom Eckersley.  It comes with a certificate of authenticity although sadly not a statement of the reasoning behind creating it in the first place.  What’s more they want £50 for it too.

Here’s the real thing, just to make it all a bit better.

Tom Eckersley 1950s guinness vintage poster sealion topiary

Fortunately, proper posters by Eckersley also out there on eBay too, in the shape of this 1955 design for the GPO.

Vintage GPO poster 1955 Tom Eckersley shop early post early

It’s teeny tiny (6″ x 8″) and costs £35 on a Buy It Now.  Which I would say is an entirely reasonable price, but then we did buy the first one that came up for sale a few weeks ago.  They clearly had two, lucky old them.  And now you can have one.

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