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Sorry it has been a bit quiet on Quad Royal these last few days, a normal service will return next week.

In the meantime, though, can I just point you at this.

1950s Modern cover image Shire books

It’s the second book I’ve done for Shire, not about posters this time but why and how Britain fell in love with the modern in the 1950s, and just how much the Festival of Britain actually has to answer for.

I’ll tell you some more about it in the next couple of weeks – and there might even be a competition to boot – but Amazon have just informed me it’s for sale right now, so I thought I’d tell you that.   And show you a couple of the pretty pictures you will get if you do buy a copy.

So here’s a type sample from the Festival of Britain, and a lovely post-war poster by Dorrit Dekk to brighten up your Friday.  Hope it works.

Festival of Britain type sample from Designers in Britain

Dorrit Dekk Bones Salvage propaganda poster 1940s WW2


  • Congratulations on the 2nd. I am looking forward to when you have done enough Shire books to have a little metal stand full in the various museum shops I visit of a week.

  • It is in fact an illustration for Maples showrooms; if you buy the book there is also a colour picture of the inside of one too, where the colours are so bright that they would make your eyes water.

    And thank you for the kind words, not sure I have the stamina for that though…

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