Snowed out

Apologies for the slight gap in postings; it is, I am afraid, down to the white stuff.  Well to be more precise it’s down to the reluctance of anyone to take Small Crownfolio off my hands while there is snow on the ground.  The situation will, I hope, return to normal very shortly.  In the meantime, have a Daphne Padden poster of snow by way of apology.

Daphne Padden Pall Mall Ski poster

This poster will appear in Christies Ski Sale on Wednesday, should you be interested and have £700-900 to throw its way.

Not only is it the only Padden poster to appear regularly in their auctions, I would also hazard a guess that it must be one of the few cigarette posters to do that either.  I can’t imagine that tobacco promotion is that sellable these days (or has it already made the trip round to ironic?).  But clearly in this case, like a game of Rock Scissors Paper, winter sports trumps cigarettes.

The skies willing, I shall be back tomorrow with a competition, and perhaps even some proper posts later in the week.

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