New Kids on the Block

The auctions are coming thick and fast now, so much so that this may end up being a bit of a hasty canter through what’s on offer.  But never mind, the pictures are pretty.

First in our sights is Great Northern Railwayana Auctions, who deserve a particularly warm welcome not only because they are a brand new auction house, but will also be holding their auction this weekend at Poynton Civic Centre, home to many teenage discos for me back in the days.  Although things have clearly changed since then, as the directions say that the Civic Centre is on the left after Waitrose, rather than turn left after the tatty newsagent and the Indian takeaway.

That notwithstanding, it’s interesting to see a new auction coming in, I think it’s a sign of a healthy market.  And for a first auction, they’ve got a good haul of posters.  Particularly if you’re a fan of Mr Lander, as there are three of his on offer.

R M Lander, Bournemouth British Railways poster


R M Lander folkestone poster British Railways

R M Lander Bournemouth poster British Railways

GNRA have taken the lead from all other railwayana auctions sadly, so there are no estimates for any of these and mostly no dates.  Can anyone explain to me why this is?  But the Landers are good, and that last one is new to me and almost migraine-inducing in its feverish technicolour.

Elsewhere, they also have a rare Terence Cuneo picture of something that isn’t a train.

Terence Cuneo Lewes British Railways poster

Along with a ‘rare’ Daphne Padden that I have to admit I haven’t seen before.

Daphne Padden lytham st Annes British Railway poster

I like the pink, but not enough to bid on it, so it’s over to you lot.

If you’re prefer classics, they’ve even got a few of those too, like this Fred Taylor.

Fred Taylor Durham poster railways slightly askew

All in all, a good show.  I will watch with interest to see how the prices go.

That’s not the only new auction house either.  London Transport Auctions will also be holding their very first auction on October 26th.

Sadly, there aren’t quite so many posters in this one, of which my favourites are probably these two 1960s London Underground posters.

Harvests Anthony Rossiter London Transport poster 1964
Anthony Rossiter, 1964, est. £75-100

John E Kashdan London Transport poster 1962
John E Kadshan, 1962, est. £75-100

I am also very fond of this Galbraith too, in part because we’ve already got a copy.

Galbraith Christmas Roundabout poster 1958
Galbraith, 1958, est. £50-75

Most expensive poster in the sale is probably going to be this one, I should think.

1934 Anna Zinkeisen Aldershot Tattoo London Transport poster
Anna Zinkeisen, 1934, est. £250-350.

More interesting, at least I think, is this McKnight Kauffer survival.

1936 McKnight Kauffer bus panel poster
McKnight Kauffer, 1936, est. £40-50

It was originally designed to go on bus stops, and so is the proportions of a bus timetable.  And I’ve never ever seen one as old as that before, never mind a good-looking one designed by McKnight Kauffer.  So although it’s a bit battered, it’s a really fascinating thing – and a bit of a bargain if it does go for £40.

What the London Transport auction does do, however, is lure me into looking at lots of really rather lovely London Transport leaflets.  But I will be strong-willed, and show you just one.

Chiswick bus garages London Transport leaflet
MCKK, 1932, est. £30-40

Fortunately its full title is “Overhauling London’s buses at the Chiswick Works of the London General Omnibus Company Ltd.” and it is “lavishly illustrated with photos of every stage of the overhaul process, showing NS, ST & LT-type buses and including a large plan of the Works showing the overhaul paths”, so I shan’t be tempted to buy it.

  • On the splendid Chiswick leaflet there are three horizontal lines in front of the MCKK, which can only stand for E McKnight Kauffer. It looks like one of his too.

    That Lander Bournemouth poster is much better than the town in its current incarnation deserves, in my view.

  • You are of course very right there – no wonder it’s so good.

    As for the Lander poster, I will have to bow to your judgement on that one. I quite liked Bournemouth when I was last there, but I was only five at the time…

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