Worth it in the long run

I am rushing in just to tell you about Great Central Railwayana.  I’ve had the catalogue for ages, and been meaning to write about it for ages, and now, suddenly, the auction is this Saturday.  I blame the builders.

Once again, there are a good selection of posters on offer, ten times the number that you’d find at a railwayana auction even a few years ago, but I’m finding it hard to get overly excited about them as they mostly consist of the usual suspects, like Terence Cuneo.

1950 Terence Cuneo British Railways poster Tay Bridge Dundee
Terence Cuneo, 1950.

And nice pictures of landscapes from the 1950s, there are lots of those.

Wye Valley Gyrth Russell British Railways poster 1955
Gyrth Russell, 1955.

Although as seaside posters go, this one is quite special.

1955 Henry Stringer Clacton on Sea British Railways Poster
Henry Stringer, 1955.

While this bit of Dorset coast is an unusual departure from Alan Durman’s usual subject matter and style, but rather good with it.

Alan Durman British Railways Poster Dorset

And, after his star turn at the Great Northern Auction, they’ve also dug out another unusual Lander which I quite like.

1955, Reg Lander Bournemouth British Railways poster
R. M. Lander, 1955.

I also like this poster, although for no particular reason that I can articulate.

1955 Greene Ribblesdale British Railways poster
John Greene, 1955.

It’s green, will that do?  As is this one.

Badmin Derbyshire dales British Railways poster 1950
S. R. Badmin, 1950.

There is another Badmin coach poster lurking in there too, which might end up being a bit of a bargain, as coach posters often are at railway auctions.

Enjoy the Riches of Britain by Lincolnshire Road Car Company Ltd S R Badmin Coach poster

There on the other hand, it might not.

But if you want good design, this Karo has to be the best poster in the sale by a long chalk.  It will be interesting to see what it goes for.

Travel In Rail Comfort - It's Worth It In The Long Run' by Karo British Railways poster

Also on my favourites list is this Kelly, which I’ve written about before.

Kelly new brighton British railways poster spade 1955
Kelly, 1955.

Its (even better) pair was up in the Great Northern sale a couple of weeks ago.

Kelly new Brighton British Railways poster 1955

You may have noticed that I didn’t mention it.  But sadly we were outbid, quite considerably.  Hey ho.  Prices were generally quite high there, especially considering that it’s a brand new sale, but that’s a subject I’ll come back to next week.

But if you really want good design, the best example in the sale isn’t actually a poster.  It’s this.

Hans Schleger London Transport bus roundel

That’s Hans Schleger’s design work for London Transport there, from 1957, and very good it is too.

  • I’m not sure that Great Western Railawayana Auctions would like being labelled as one of their rivals, Great Central!
    The Karo was a bargain…I wish I had bid…but I guess it wouldn’t have been a bargain then.

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