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It’s September, school has started (in the case of small Crownfolio, for the very first time) and the auction season is getting back into gear too.  First in the queue are International Poster Auctions in New York, whose Auction of Rare Posters is on Sept 8th.

Most of what’s on offer consists of things that Americans like and I don’t (Barnum and Bailey Circus posters, Art Nouveau, that kind of thing) but there are a few British gems on offer.

Quite a few of these are pre-war London Transport posters like this Dora Batty, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Dora Batty vintage London Transport poster 1933 up for auction
Dora Batty, 1933, est. $1,000-1,200

This Roy Meldrum is less often reproduced but also rather fine.  It seems to have an odd familiarity to me, but I don’t know whether this is because it looks like a mixture of so many other images from that period, or simply that I used to own a postcard of it once upon a time.

Roy Meldrum vintage London Transport poster 1933 Something Different
Roy Meldrum, 1933, est. $1,700-2,000

There are also a couple of McKnight Kauffer classics up for grabs.

McKnight Kauffer The Flea vintage London Transport poster 1926
E. McKnight Kauffer, 1926, est. $1,700-2,000

McKNight Kauffer Stonehenge vintage shell poster 1931
E. McKnight Kauffer, 1931, est. $3,000-4,000

But my favourite is much later than any of these, as it dates from 1973 and is by David Gentleman.
David Gentleman vintage London Transport poster Victorian London 1973
David Gentleman, 1973, est. $700-1,000

Clearly prices rise as posters cross the Atlantic: this poster went for just £130 on eBay last month, much to the disappointment of at least one reader of this blog.

Elsewhere on eBay, it’s still a bit quiet.  This Tom Purvis is out of focus, a bit battered and in the U.S., although that doesn’t seem to be deterring the bidders.

Tom Purvis British Industries Fair 1930s poster on eBay

It is also my bounded duty to point out that Cyclamon has yet another of these small but perfectly formed Eckersley GPO posters for sale on a Buy It Now for £35.

Tom Eckersley vintage GPO poster for sale on eBay

I don’t think he’s printing them.

  • Glad to be of service! It is very small, though, it would be very hard to take exception to it, surely.

  • Excellent – thanks for that. I’ll try and go down next month, but if anyone does get there before then, I’d love to hear about it.

  • Re. the Gentleman Victorian London poster, thanks for the mention of my saddened post on The One That Got Away. The sight of a copy (unsigned, as well) at five times as much just makes me wish I had hazarded the housekeeping & bidded harder! I’ve been trying to establish what the US copy went for, without success. Does anyone out there have access to the hammer prices? I would love to know …

  • I can’t seem to find them at the moment, and they’ve just fallen off Invaluable. I’ll try a bit harder and see what I can do.

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