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New Term

It’s September, school has started (in the case of small Crownfolio, for the very first time) and the auction season is getting back into gear too.  First in the queue are International Poster Auctions in New York, whose Auction of Rare Posters is on Sept 8th. Most of what’s on offer consists of things that […]

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Buy, Buy, Sell, Buy

There are a lot of posters about at the moment; it’s only Monday morning and I’m exhausted just thinking about it.  Not only have there just been the  Christies and Onslows sales, but there’s also quite a bit coming up on eBay too.  I’d like to sum it up in some kind of executive summary […]

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Christmas bay

For once, eBay has come up with something seasonal.  Even better, it’s a classic GPO post early poster. This 1957 design by Huveneers has already come up on the Advent Calendar here, and now you can have your own if you like.  Bidding starts at a moderately steep £22 (well I think it’s steep given that […]

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You Can Be Sure of Shell

The relationship between archives and the internet is not always a one way street.  What gets most discussion is how, and whether, archives are putting their catalogues and content on line.  But in the meantime, the internet itself is also becoming the archive. Here’s a fascinating example.  It’s something I’ve touched on before, but it’s […]

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Last of the summer wine

I was thinking about elderberry cordial, and so dug this out of a drawer.  Then I was so struck by what a beautiful image it is that I forgot all about recipes and went off on the trail of its design instead. The book is the Womens Institute Book of Home Made Wines Syrups and […]

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A shilling life

I was going to write at length about Barbara Jones this week, but I have a sore throat and no childcare, so it will have to wait. Instead, either as compensation or to whet your appetite, have this. The Shell Shilling Guide to Berkshire, cover design by Barbara Jones. It’s easy to think of the […]

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