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The New Wave

I thought I’d said pretty much everything I could say about Sotherans by now, in particular about the unlikelihood of being able to sell posters at such prices in a world where, thanks to the internet, everyone should agree on what a poster is worth.   But it seems that modern technology  has made precisely […]

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By Eck

Hurrah, an auction; it feels as though we haven’t had one of those for ages.  Even better, an interesting auction too.  It’s Great Central Railwayana (9 April, Stoneleigh Showground, just in case you’re in the area).  As it’s a railwayana sale, there is of course a lot of this kind of thing, here by Claude […]

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Travel Safely

Karen at Travel on Paper emailed earlier this week to say that they are having an Open Studio this weekend. Now, we don’t advertise just any old event here on Quad Royal.  But she swayed me by including two fabulous Christmas coach posters along with the invite. Father Christmas at the wheel, above,  is by […]

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Collectors and cows

I don’t normally bother you with auction results except for the biggest sales.  But Swann Galeries sent me the results for their  15 November poster sale which I wrote about a few weeks ago.  And it’s noteworthy for two things. Number one is this. It went for, wait for it, $24,000 – the second most […]

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Auction thoughts

Once the dust had settled, I had hoped to come up with some conclusions about the Morphets bus and train extravaganza of last week.  But the more I look at the results, the more my brain becomes addled.  This isn’t just the result of the scale of it all, although that hasn’t got any better, […]

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