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I promised a while back that’s I’d revisit the most recent Great Central Railwayana auction and see what the posters on offer actually went for.  A course of action necessitated by the fact that railwayana auctions never, it seems, publish an estimate of what they think a poster is going to sell for.  This sometimes […]

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Our theme today is things mounted on board.  Because twice today I’ve looked at a promsingly low-priced item, only to discover that the apparent cheapness is justified, because it has been glued to a large lump of chipboard.  Sigh. The first offender is this – estimated at a mere £80-120, which is a pittance for […]

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Not laughing, in a perfect world

Now I began this post, if I’m honest, intending simply to poke a bit of fun at poster dealers, and in particular the prices they charge. Because now and again something comes my way which makes this almost irresistible.  Like this. Or to be more precise, this. Now in my head, nothing, but nothing could […]

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