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Clean as new

Now it’s not often that I get to discover a whole new genre of posters, but today I can share just that with you.  Dry cleaning posters. This whole collection from, I am guessing, the 60s and 70s, was sent to Quad Royal by Roly Seaton.  I think the Kenneth Williams-a-like here is one of […]

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We’re all going to the zoo tomorrow…

Now I don’t normally do European posters.  I know nothing about their styles or their designers, and I have no idea what anything is worth.  This is mostly self-protection; rather too much of my brain is already cluttered up with images and facts about British graphics and posters, when it should be more worried about […]

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Britain Can Make Lovely Posters

A further digression here.  I’ve spent the morning assembling the first draft of the links page, and in the course of it have rediscovered this wonderful photograph: It’s the General Printing part of the 1947 Britain Can Make It exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum.  The aim was to showcase the consumer goods which would […]

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On the buses (or not)

I keep planning posts, but then they get taken over by events.  Like this, another interesting poster that’s popped up on eBay. This isn’t, I will freely admit, a classic piece of design, but it is an interesting piece of social history.  I can’t explain much better than the seller has. This is one of […]

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Modernism to go

Right now, you can pick up the bargain of the year so far on eBay.  It’s this: and this and also this In fact it’s five posters designed by Wim Crouwel for the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in the 1960s, and as I write, they are currently going for under £10 for the lot.  Which […]

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These classic posters, they’re all rubbish you know

This link to Design magazine online has been on the bookmarks for a while, but I’ve never quite got round to exploring it.  But, a bit of random surfing while bored and tired the other evening came up with this: It’s an article about how most modern public information posters are rubbish. “…the standard of […]

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