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Over-modern and over here

An interesting comment appeared a week or so ago on a older post about Beverley Pick. He was a man.  Bless him… He was my uncle and a very clever man..He also did the original Moby Dick… Beverley was originally from Austria and lived many years in Sunningdale during the winter. Autumn he would visit […]

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Put it there

What do these four posters have in common? John Burningham, London Transport, 1961 Andre Amstutz, British Railways, 1956 Daphne Padden, Royal Blue Coaches, c. 1957 Edward McKnight Kauffer, Shell, 1934 Well, three out of the four of them are on the walls here, but you’re not really expected to know that.  Perhaps more to the […]

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Auction thoughts

Once the dust had settled, I had hoped to come up with some conclusions about the Morphets bus and train extravaganza of last week.  But the more I look at the results, the more my brain becomes addled.  This isn’t just the result of the scale of it all, although that hasn’t got any better, […]

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The thick of it

It’s impossible to get a sense of the Morphet’s sale while it’s still yelling away in the corner of my screen, but two brief observations from yesterday. Firstly, what kind of a mad world is it where this costs £160 while this costs hundreds more.  I don’t understand, I really don’t. I also noticed this […]

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The poster in the hat

Recently, Crownfolio junior and I were in the library together and found this. Now, surely this has to be the same Andre Amstutz who was designing posters for British Rail, the GPO and others in the late 50s and 1960s.  Posters like this one. There just can’t be that many people called Andre Amstutz to […]

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Properly Designed Posters Please

Today, a wallow in some lovely designs for no good reason at all I’ve been meaning to write about the Post Office’s ‘Properly Packed Parcels Please’ series for ages, ever since finding them praised in Design Magazine. There’s a whole series of these posters (they seem to stretch from 1962 until the early 70s), and […]

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