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Shop Now

Right, there is no way on earth that I am going to be able to do today’s auction justice.  This is partly because I am tired (I had to get up at 5.45 am to go to Stonehenge, don’t ask) and partly because it is tomorrow, but mainly because it is just such a vast, […]

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Mammoth sale

Right, in my attempt to keep on top of things, a quick scamper through the forthcoming Swann Galleries auction.  Which is tomorrow, so you’d better be quick if you actually want to buy any of them.  Me, I’m just window-shopping, especially at these prices. All the prices are high, but then that’s a posh auction […]

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Is it really efficient?

On we must go with the endless stream of auctions.  Today it is Onslows, which takes place on Friday.  What can I tell you about it? Well the first thing that will strike you as you browse through the catalogue is precisely what a tonnage of Shell posters they have – and there are more […]

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Harrogate Return

It’s taken two years, but finally I can report on another Morphet’s sale.  Sadly this is not another great poster extravaganza, but still worth your time and attention.  Shall we take this for starters? Abram Games, 1951, est. £200-300 The poster – which by rights should go for quite a bit more than that estimate […]

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Which lead on to other things.  Like this greetings telegram. It came from the local ‘Antiques and Collectors’ (i.e. 1970s cookery books, artificial flowers and old tools) market just near me.  A rare gem in amonst the flotsam, then. Its main story – and why this telegram exists at all – is that it was […]

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Sold and unsold

Right, it’s eBay Watch time once more.  I do this so often that I feel as though it should have its own logo.  I shall work on that when I get a moment. Your starter for ten is that this, surprisingly, didn’t sell. There isn’t enough Barnett Freedman in the world, so I would have […]

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