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Is it really efficient?

On we must go with the endless stream of auctions.  Today it is Onslows, which takes place on Friday.  What can I tell you about it? Well the first thing that will strike you as you browse through the catalogue is precisely what a tonnage of Shell posters they have – and there are more […]

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I promised a while back that’s I’d revisit the most recent Great Central Railwayana auction and see what the posters on offer actually went for.  A course of action necessitated by the fact that railwayana auctions never, it seems, publish an estimate of what they think a poster is going to sell for.  This sometimes […]

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Northern return

Last year, I wrote about depictions of the industrial North of England in posters, or rather I pointed out their rather conspicuous absence.  At which point I got quite a lot of comments, mostly saying that I was wrong, and pointing me at posters like this. Which is, I am forced to admit, is exactly […]

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War Games

When I posted this Games poster on the blog last week, I mentioned that there was more to be said about the subject. I’ve been meaning to write about Abram Games’ war posters for a while now and that poster (which incidentally fetched £950 at Onslows when it was sold a few days ago) has […]

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The New Wave

I thought I’d said pretty much everything I could say about Sotherans by now, in particular about the unlikelihood of being able to sell posters at such prices in a world where, thanks to the internet, everyone should agree on what a poster is worth.   But it seems that modern technology  has made precisely […]

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Today on Quad Royal, a reader’s question.  And it’s not one I can answer, so I thought I’d throw it open to you lot. Take a look at this. A classic.  A Norman Wilkinson classic from 1930 to be precise. But now take a look at the small print. Travel information from the Associated British […]

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