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Bear necessities

Earlier this week, I made it down to London to take a look at the British Murals and Decorative Painting exhibition, as mentioned a few weeks ago. I still love this. Although I have faced up to the fact that we have neither the funds nor a wall space large enough.  Mind you, it was […]

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Do you remember I said recently that we weren’t buying anything because we needed carpets and curtains?  It turns out that there are exceptions to this. Which is not a poster but the catalogue for the Black Eyes and Lemonade exhibition at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in 1951, curated, of course, by Barbara Jones. Now […]

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Singing Together

Friday, so what could be better than some Barbara Jones birds, even if they are a bit grubby round the edges. Todays flock are pretty self-explanatory, playing in another lovely BBC Schools booklet of songs and music for children.  (I have actually mentioned these before, but now a copy is in my own hands, so […]

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D I Y Barbara Jones

Barbara Jones is becoming increasingly collectable.  At least that’s the message I’m getting from eBay.  We recently watched a whole collection of BBC schools booklets go past; most went for one or two pounds if they sold at all.  The one exception was this. By Barbara Jones, it sold for £21.50. All of which preamble […]

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File under miscellaneous

The email from the Swiss auction house Poster-Auctioneer announcing their latest auction has once again dropped into my mailbox.  So I flicked through page after page of foreign posters, pretty sure that none of them would appear on the blog.  Until I came to this Donald Brun and my resolution crumbled. It’s the perfect mixture of sophisticated […]

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Architecture subsidiary art to confectionary, obviously

I’ve been reading quite a lot about the Festival of Britain recently (mainly because there is, still, precious little else written about design in the 1950s).  But it has reminded me that I really do need to get around to inventing some form of time travel. This is Barbara Jones sorting out exhibits for Black […]

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