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Shop Early Post Early

Apologies in advance if this post ends up being a bit like the parish newsletter today, but there are a few things I’d to tell you about, even though they aren’t entirely related.  So bear with me, and the flower rota will be at the end. Firstly and also excitingly, the BPMA have also got […]

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The British Postal Museum and Archive have changed their website.  Now I know that this may not count as the most earth-shattering information you have ever received, but from where I am standing it’s good news indeed.  And when my old bookmark retrieves their new website, I am perhaps appropriately now greeted with this, which […]

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So the Central Office of Information is to be no more (news here in the Guardian).  This is a sad end because once upon a time they produced some rather wonderful posters.  Here’s a handy thought from them for this time of the year. Coincidentally, I reccently bought a history of the COI from Abebooks. […]

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March Mad Hatters

Real life has rather got in the way of blogging for the last week, so apologies for that.  It’s also meant disorder here at Crownfolio Towers.  Yesterday, an unopened envelope turned up underneath a pile of newspapers.  It turned out to contain this. We bought it on eBay for no better reason than it looked […]

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That’s Entertainment

Today’s post has been brought to you courtesy of our postman, who rang the doorbell just as I started wondering what to write.  He was bringing us another classic menu by the wonderful Dorrit Dekk, at a guess from the early to mid 1960s. As ever, it’s not just a great design, it’s a window […]

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Over-modern and over here

An interesting comment appeared a week or so ago on a older post about Beverley Pick. He was a man.  Bless him… He was my uncle and a very clever man..He also did the original Moby Dick… Beverley was originally from Austria and lived many years in Sunningdale during the winter. Autumn he would visit […]

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