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Lofty finds

Mr Crownfolio and I are about to put an offer in on a house without an attic.  This is quite annoying, because it rather ruins our chances of finding a fantastic cache of posters in there.  After the recent set of coach posters, another seller on eBay is profiting from their attic.  Only this time […]

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Today’s post is crowdsourcing, Quad Royal style, because lots of very kind people have been sending me links to posters on sale or sold recently.  So the least I can do, of course, is share them. The first, and following on nicely from my last post, is this Daphne Padden poster for British Railways, which […]

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Ashley Appeal

Today’s Friday special – and it is quite special – is brought to you by Ashley Havinden. Unfortunately, the interior of the magazine finds it hard to live up to that cover.  For a start, it is mostly in black and white – this is one of the few other bits of colour. What’s more […]

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So, time for another attempt at reaching the summit of the Onslows auction.  There was certainly a fair amount left out of my last post.  Not least this Lander poster, which I am contractually obliged to reproduce on the blog once every few months. Eric Lander, est. £700-1,000 This time it gets in because of […]

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Blue Sky Thinking

I could really do with a good auction now.  Even though we don’t have the wall space for anything else and probably would end up buying next to nothing, I’d still enjoy the excitement.  So, after Swann Galleries emailed to say that they had a wonderful set of London Transport posters in their forthcoming auctions, […]

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Auction fever (or not)

The next Christies poster sale is upon us; the lots are online, the printed catalogue is sitting on my desk.  But I’ve been avoiding writing about it for the last few days, mainly because I can’t work up much enthusiasm for what’s on offer. This, if I am pushed, is probably the best of the […]

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