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Lend a hand

There’s a certain inevitability about the fact that now I’ve written the Home Front Posters book, a whole heap of new information about World War Two posters has popped up in various places.  This isn’t entirely a painful discovery, and not just because I am now resigned to the fact that while research could go […]

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Today’s post is crowdsourcing, Quad Royal style, because lots of very kind people have been sending me links to posters on sale or sold recently.  So the least I can do, of course, is share them. The first, and following on nicely from my last post, is this Daphne Padden poster for British Railways, which […]

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Our theme today is things mounted on board.  Because twice today I’ve looked at a promsingly low-priced item, only to discover that the apparent cheapness is justified, because it has been glued to a large lump of chipboard.  Sigh. The first offender is this – estimated at a mere £80-120, which is a pittance for […]

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Edge wear

And still they keep c0ming.  Today – cue drum roll – it’s eBay Watch.  Along with a bit of complaining from me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got no problem with what’s out there.  Because there’s loads of it. Let’s start with this Aer Lingus poster, which is very stylish. Although it’s in German it […]

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It’s Easter, don’t move

We seem to own a piece of railwayana, how did that happen? Fortunately, this didn’t end up being as relevant as it might have been this Easter. But it still has a purpose, as you can also buy its cousin in a few days time in Chertsey.  If that makes its estimate of £150-250, there may […]

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Matching poster to artist, one local auction at a time…

A few interesting posters are coming up for auction next week at Dreweatt’s Bristol salerooms (if I remember rightly, they’re the ones in the converted church right at the top of Clifton). Seven lots of posters have come from the family of the artist Percy Drake Brookshaw.  I’d never heard his name before, but this […]

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