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Over-modern and over here

An interesting comment appeared a week or so ago on a older post about Beverley Pick. He was a man.  Bless him… He was my uncle and a very clever man..He also did the original Moby Dick… Beverley was originally from Austria and lived many years in Sunningdale during the winter. Autumn he would visit […]

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Christmas bay

For once, eBay has come up with something seasonal.  Even better, it’s a classic GPO post early poster. This 1957 design by Huveneers has already come up on the Advent Calendar here, and now you can have your own if you like.  Bidding starts at a moderately steep £22 (well I think it’s steep given that […]

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Door 10

As promised, a chicken.  It’s not often you come across a Christmas Chicken, but that’s definitely what we’ve got here. Every time I look at it, my brain says Easter, but the words very definitely say Christmas.   Most peculiar. Anyway, it’s another design by Pieter Huveneers, it’s from 1956 and it’s inexplicable.  Unless you […]

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Door 3

Another miniature today, but this time it’s singing postboxes.  Obviously. They’re the work of Pieter Huveneers in 1957.  They also exist in portrait format (below) but I think I prefer these ones.  Does anyone know where these small format posters were displayed? Maybe four is a jollier number for carol singers. (Apologies for the quality […]

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The return of Mr Huveneers

Mike Ashworth, whose Flickr stream brought us the wonderful lost posters of Notting Hill Gate, is clearly a man with much design ephemera to his name.  He very kindly sent me a link to this – a wonderful brochure cover by Pieter Huveneers from 1956. Now I blogged about Pieter Huveneers a while back, trying […]

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Operator, I can’t find anything

I’ve been meaning for a while to do a series of posts looking at the different archives that sit out there on the web, just waiting for you to rummage through their files of wonderful vintage posters.  These resources have exploded in the last few years, and it’s now easy to find out incredible amounts […]

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