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So, time for another attempt at reaching the summit of the Onslows auction.  There was certainly a fair amount left out of my last post.  Not least this Lander poster, which I am contractually obliged to reproduce on the blog once every few months. Eric Lander, est. £700-1,000 This time it gets in because of […]

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AP, again

While everything is in flux here at Quad Royal central (I am writing this in a room already stacked with boxes and wev’e still got a week to go) I thought I would dig out a few posts from the earlier days of the blog which are worth revisiting, especially as not everyone will have […]

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I found these while looking for something else altogether on the LT museum poster site. And I’ve never seen them before. They’re a rather surprising departure by Eckersley-Lombers and date from 1938. The design reminds me more of book covers of the period than posters.  But it’s great. While we’re in the domain of London […]

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Over-modern and over here

An interesting comment appeared a week or so ago on a older post about Beverley Pick. He was a man.  Bless him… He was my uncle and a very clever man..He also did the original Moby Dick… Beverley was originally from Austria and lived many years in Sunningdale during the winter. Autumn he would visit […]

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Door 19

Hans Unger yesterday, Hans Unger today.  The GPO certainly kept him busy in the 1950s and 60s. He designed this in 1958, and very lovely it is too.  But please don’t set fire to any post boxes on its account, that would be very inconsiderate.

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the 18th

Today is the last posting day for Second Class Post, so in honour of that, not one but two posters. Interestingly, they are both from 1952.  The smiling Christmas trees above are by Hans Unger, while the festive present train below was designed by T Davis. Two in one year is a bit unusual, but […]

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