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A moving story

This, as it turns out, is an appropriate message from James Fitton. We bought it at the last Onslow’s auction (in the after sale, to be precise) but have only just got round to picking it up.  Fitton’s sense of colour is as brilliant and unique as ever; the more I see of his work, […]

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Don’t mention (all of) the war

Back in my student days, now rather some time ago, I was sent to chaperone some Belgian friends of the family when they made a short visit to London, to assist with the language and the mysteries of the London Underground. There are three things that I remember clearly from this trip: a meal out […]

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Pheasants and Leaves

This post is mostly by way of a thankyou to Shelf Appeal, who pointed us at an eBay listing earlier in the week.  And so we won this, which I am very pleased about indeed. It’s by James Fitton and is a lovely bright copy of one of my favourite ever posters.  So much one […]

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So the Central Office of Information is to be no more (news here in the Guardian).  This is a sad end because once upon a time they produced some rather wonderful posters.  Here’s a handy thought from them for this time of the year. Coincidentally, I reccently bought a history of the COI from Abebooks. […]

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life : henrion : rabbit

I called up this book out of our library’s reserve stores the other day (you can easily enough find it on Amazon if your library isn’t so obliging). It’s from 1972, so I wasn’t hoping for too much from it, but actually I was surprised.  There’s a short introductory essay, but then the bulk of […]

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Further training

I’m really glad we don’t collect railway posters very seriously.  Because we’d be stony broke by now.  This year has just been sale after sale of high quality railway posters (with a fair slew of London Transport stuff too).  And now, to round off the year, there’s another one. Onslows’s December sale titles itself  Vintage […]

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