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See London

Onwards and upwards then, onwards and upwards.   Which today means London Transport Auctions, whose next auction is on November 1st. As ever, along with the opportunity to buy a conductor’s hat or the radiator grille from a Routemaster, there are also a fair number of posters, some of them being rather good.  Really rather […]

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Going Postal

The blog has been a little bit overlooked lately.  Apologies for that, I’ve had a rather urgent appointment with some wallpaper that needed to be removed.  It’s been a bad time to be distracted as well, because people – well the readers of this blog to be precise – have been sending me things.  And […]

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Float Or Fly

I’ve mentioned the P&O archive before now, but I was led back to it the other day when I was on the trail of John Bainbridge.  This delightful fish is his, dating to 1953. But to my joy, I’ve discovered that they’ve added to what’s online since I was last there.  New arrivals include this […]

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Posters Produce Results

No arguing with that, is there. Cecilia Murphy, 1932, est. $1,700-2,000 Although for today’s post, the results we are mostly bothered about come from auctions, as all at once there is a rush of new sales on the horizon and I can hardly keep up. That poster above is included in  Poster Auction International’s May […]

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Edge wear

And still they keep c0ming.  Today – cue drum roll – it’s eBay Watch.  Along with a bit of complaining from me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got no problem with what’s out there.  Because there’s loads of it. Let’s start with this Aer Lingus poster, which is very stylish. Although it’s in German it […]

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