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Designer’s eye

So here I am submerged in house renovations when there are poster auctions which I need to tell you about.  First in the line, mainly because it’s in just a few days time, is the forthcoming Swann Auction of Modernist Posters. Now, with their being in New York, there are usually only one or two […]

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Line tint screen

Given how much this blog loves Ashley Havinden and his immaculate 1930s style, it’s a wonder that this book has been sitting next to my desk for so long without any comment here. Or at least that’s what I thought until I actually picked it up this morning.  Mr Havinden may have been a very […]

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Beware of the Swarf

Attic find of the year has to be awarded to RoSPA, who went into their warehouse  last year and discovered 700 old posters.  I dream of doing something like that.  Especially if it produces posters like this one. This is by Leonard Cusden from 1951, and it’s the original artwork, as is, it seems, much […]

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Posters Produce Results

No arguing with that, is there. Cecilia Murphy, 1932, est. $1,700-2,000 Although for today’s post, the results we are mostly bothered about come from auctions, as all at once there is a rush of new sales on the horizon and I can hardly keep up. That poster above is included in  Poster Auction International’s May […]

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Without linen on backside

At last.  I’ve been banging on about PosterConnection’s shop on eBay for quite a while now – its selection is enough to persuade me to be interested in foreign posters every so often.  Now, finally, they are also selling some British designs.  And good ones too.  Pick of the pops has to be this Daphne […]

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What is the range of activity of the commercial artist in Britain?

That’s what this copy of Graphis is asking in 1950. (And yes, the cover is by Tom Eckersley). Unfortunately for us, most of the answers are in black and white, apart from this design for Kia-ora by Lewitt-Him. And this Christmas advertisement for Simpsons of Piccadilly. I think there may have been some more at […]

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