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Lofty finds

Mr Crownfolio and I are about to put an offer in on a house without an attic.  This is quite annoying, because it rather ruins our chances of finding a fantastic cache of posters in there.  After the recent set of coach posters, another seller on eBay is profiting from their attic.  Only this time […]

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Posters Produce Results

No arguing with that, is there. Cecilia Murphy, 1932, est. $1,700-2,000 Although for today’s post, the results we are mostly bothered about come from auctions, as all at once there is a rush of new sales on the horizon and I can hardly keep up. That poster above is included in  Poster Auction International’s May […]

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Today’s post is crowdsourcing, Quad Royal style, because lots of very kind people have been sending me links to posters on sale or sold recently.  So the least I can do, of course, is share them. The first, and following on nicely from my last post, is this Daphne Padden poster for British Railways, which […]

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Without linen on backside

At last.  I’ve been banging on about PosterConnection’s shop on eBay for quite a while now – its selection is enough to persuade me to be interested in foreign posters every so often.  Now, finally, they are also selling some British designs.  And good ones too.  Pick of the pops has to be this Daphne […]

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Be prepared

Hurrah, an auction.  It’s about time we had a nice chunky set of British posters for sale, and it’s Bloomsbury Auctions who are obliging this time, on the 16th February. Once again, there are incalculable quantities of airline posters.  Where do they all come from? I don’t remember them being in auctions a few years […]

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A life of surprises

Odd times indeed on eBay.  When I pointed out this poster last week, it was more for entertainment than investment value. But it went for £104.  Not so funny indeed. I should have been less surprised that these two pieces of prime psychedelia went for £143 each.  They’re by the wonderful Dan Fern and printer-fresh. […]

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