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To Sheffield, by dachshund

Whatever I was expecting to find in the Guardian yesterday, it certainly wasn’t this. But thank heavens for the quiet of the New Year, because it allowed them to give almost a whole page to an exhibition in Sheffield of the works of none other than Leonard Beaumont. Sadly – at least from my point […]

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Recent Acquisitions

In the days when I used to be in the V&A, which is quite some time ago, each department used to have cases where they displayed recently bought objects, before they found their place in the main collection, with a small paper sign in which read Recent Acquisitions.  A friend of mine got hold of […]

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Number 2

Through the second door in the Advent Calendar is this rather fetching sausage dog. He’s by Beaumont, he’s from November 1950, and he’s also a miniature dog – in the version we have he’s only 6″ x 9″. But the good news is that you can have one all of your own.  The BPMA have […]

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Lucky Dip

As promised last week, it’s random image day – a whole heap of posters that I have discovered along the way but not managed to use in a post.  All sizes, all shapes, every one a great piece of design. Here’s a Mount/Evans for starters – it’s from the V&A collection and I’ve never seen […]

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