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Something fishy going on

I had a theory when I started on this post, but after some research I have now authoritatively blown it out of the water (the pun in that will become apparent later on).  However it’s still an interesting journey to travel, so this post will mostly be me showing my workings in order to prove […]

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Deja vu all over again

I seem to have come back from holiday only to wander into a fold in time, because at least some of the posters on offer out there seem strangely familiar. Lets start with Dreweatts in Bristol, who are once again selling the work of Percy Drake Brookshaw. Percy Drake Brookshaw, 1927, est. £150-200 This is […]

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This is not a poster

Or is it? It certainly claims to be a poster, as one of the set commissioned for the 2012 Olympics, in this case designed by Chris Ofili. Rather against my will, I have to consider these on an almost daily basis, because a selection are on display in a shop window just a couple of […]

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Harrogate Return

It’s taken two years, but finally I can report on another Morphet’s sale.  Sadly this is not another great poster extravaganza, but still worth your time and attention.  Shall we take this for starters? Abram Games, 1951, est. £200-300 The poster – which by rights should go for quite a bit more than that estimate […]

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Cheap and Expensive

Bonus extra blog post today (although I can’t type very well at the moment because my fingers are freezing).  I was going to put the eBay news on the end of yesterday’s post, but then it turned out that there was quite a lot on offer.  So now they have a post of their own […]

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Float Or Fly

I’ve mentioned the P&O archive before now, but I was led back to it the other day when I was on the trail of John Bainbridge.  This delightful fish is his, dating to 1953. But to my joy, I’ve discovered that they’ve added to what’s online since I was last there.  New arrivals include this […]

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